Dance at Magdalene

Dance at Magdalene

Dance at Magdalene

From 2022, Dance will be offered as an elective to study in Year 9. Dance provides students with opportunities to experience and enjoy dance as an artform as they perform, compose and appreciate dance. 

In an integrated study of the practices of performance, composition and appreciation, students develop both physical skills and artistic and cultural understandings in dance. The course enables students to express ideas creatively and to communicate physically, verbally and in written forms as they make, perform and analyse dances and dance forms. 

Students will have the opportunity to study different dance forms including Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Cultural dances and Hip Hop.

Dance will expand over the years with the first group to sit the HSC course in 2025.

In addition to this, students in the dance elective class will have various opportunities to perform throughout the year at events, such as, Open Days, Magdalene Shines, Assemblies and Competitions. Further to this, they can be part of the MISA Dance Troupe through auditions at the beginning of every year.

We are excited to be offering dance as an elective at Magdalene with scope to expand the program as the dance culture builds within the college. This will bring new and exciting opportunities for the students at Magdalene Catholic College.

Miss Tahlia Cupillari 
Dance Teacher