Annual Reports

Annual Reports

We are pleased to provide for our community an annual account of the College in a range of areas including educational results, teacher training and financial responsibility. Magdalene Catholic College, Narellan is registered by the NSW Board of Studies (BOS) and managed by the Catholic Education Office (CEO), Diocese of Wollongong. The CEO is the ‘approved authority for the Registration System formed under Section 39 of the NSW Education Act 1990.

The Annual School Report to the Community provides the College community with fair, reliable and objective information about College performance measures and policies, as determined by the Minister for Education.

The Report also outlines information regarding School Review & Improvement initiatives and developments of major interest and importance to the College community during the year and the achievements arising from the implementation of the College Annual Action Plan.

Accordingly, the Report demonstrates accountability to regulatory bodies, the College community and the Catholic Education Office (CEO). This Report has been approved by the Wollongong CEO to ensure compliance with all NSW Board of Studies requirements for Registration and Accreditation.

Annual Reports complement and are supplementary to College newsletters and other regular communications. Following its submission to the NSW Board of Studies, the Report will be presented to the Parent Body and be available on the College website.

Further information about the College or this Report may be obtained by contacting the College.