Students at The Centre

Students at The Centre

Teaching and learning at Magdalene Catholic College are focused on the Diocesan Teaching and Learning Framework, which promotes quality education in the context of the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church. 

We have also developed and established Students at the Centre, the Magdalene teaching and learning framework, which acknowledges the importance of keeping student learning at the heart of all we do. Focusing on the key areas of Positive Learning Environments, Assessment and Feedback, Rich Learning Opportunities, and Individual Learning Growth, Students at the Centre underpins the approach to teaching and learning at the College.

Professional learning and pedagogy are driven by our framework as we strive to support students in achieving their full potential and personal best. Students at the Centre supports teachers in fostering courageous hearts and creative minds in our students through cultivating authentic learning engagement, positive attitudes to learning, and life-enhancing relationships amongst all learners. The framework focuses on improving learning outcomes for all students across all learning environments and identifies the interconnectedness of the characteristics of quality Catholic learning and teaching. 

Students at the Centre is unique to Magdalene Catholic College. The approaches to learning and teaching that it defines highlight the critical relationships between pastoral care and academic success: relationships on which we pride ourselves. Through our actions in establishing positive learning environments, providing rich learning experiences, and ensuring effective assessment and feedback are features of our teaching practice, we strive for learning growth and ensure students are the centre of what we do each day.