Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy

The Catholic school is an instrument of the church sharing in its evangelising mission. The purpose of the Catholic School is the synthesis of faith, culture and life which is achieved through an integrated approach directed towards the development of the whole person.

Magdalene Catholic College was specifically established to serve the needs of Catholic families living in the pastoral regions of Camden/Narellan, The Oaks and Picton. Given the rapid growth being experienced in these areas, we recognise the need to have a just and equitable system of prioritizing enrolment applications.

All families wishing to enrol their child must be supportive of the life and teachings of the Catholic Church and intend to adhere to the religious practices, educational ideals and financial requirements of the school.

The enrolment cycle shall commence term one and conclude at the end of the enrolment period.  All applications for enrolment are to be made on the Diocesan enrolment form.  Year 7 enrolment applications must be lodged by the designated closing date. All late applications will be placed on a waiting list.  Lodgement of the application for enrolment form will be deemed as agreeing to support all of the school’s policies and procedures.

The order of priority for enrolment shall be:

  1. Children of practising Catholic families who are actively involved in the life of parishes within our pastoral area: St Paul’s, St Clare’s, St Anthony’s (and St Justin’s)
  2. Siblings of students already enrolled who meet criteria (ii) above may be given priority
  3. Children of Catholic families residing in parishes within our pastoral region
  4. Children of Catholic families residing outside of our pastoral region
  5. Children of orthodox or other Christian families
  6. Children of families of religions other than Christian, or of no religion. 
Enrolment Policy

Parish priests from within our pastoral region shall be actively involved in the enrolment process.  Where applications for enrolment from practising Catholic families exceeds places available, a committee shall be formed comprising at least one Parish Priest, nominated by the Parish Priests of the pastoral region, and one representative of the pastoral region.  All applicants shall be interviewed as an integral part of the enrolment process.  All applicants shall be notified in writing as to the outcome of their application.  Successful applicants will be required to sign and return an “Acceptance of Offer” form by the designated date. This is an indication of their acceptance of the conditions of enrolment.

In the case of a student with special education needs, consultation will take place with the Head of School Services and Special Education Officer to ascertain whether or not the school can provide the facilities, resources and suitably trained personnel to meet the needs of the applicant.

Special consideration may be given in individual cases which fall outside the enrolment criteria. Grounds for special consideration may include Family’s faith practice, Parents intentions in regard to their faith, Pastoral concerns requiring the exercise of compassion, relocation of families and currently enrolled siblings.